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Tutorial of the Week – How To Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page by Susan Payton

October 28, 2009

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page to promote your Illustration or Design business?

If you don’t, Susan Payton thinks you should at least consider the idea, “or else you risk being left behind as more businesses shift to social networks like Facebook.”

Let’s face it.  It’s an online world, and more people are connecting with each other to conduct business over the internet every day.  In addition, the fact that you’re reading this at EFII is proof that the Illustration industry has a strong presence online.

And so should you.

This week’s Tutorial of the Week highlights one of the many ways that you can broaden your reach and increase your exposure as Susan shows you How To Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page.  This is an easy, step-by-step walkthrough of a very simple but valuable process that will help you to do some of that social networking that you’ve been wondering about.

Thomas James

Did you find value in this tutorial?  If you follow these steps, or you already have a Facebook Fan Page for your Illustration business, please take a moment to share your experience in the comments below.

Also feel free to recommend a tutorial for a future Tutorial of the Week.


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