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Resource Review – Mashable

October 29, 2009


For yesterday’s Tutorial of the Week, I highlighted an article called How To Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page, with a special emphasis on encouraging EFII readers to consider expanding their social media presence.

Today I thought I’d go a step further, and tell you about the website Mashable, which is where I came across that tutorial.  Mashable presents itself as “The Social Media Guide”, and it really does live up to that name, featuring news and tips on the social media universe, written by a varied host of contributing authors.

Do you want to know how to maximize your use of Twitter?

Are you looking for WordPress plugins?

Are you wondering how to use social media as a business tool?

Do you want to be on top of the next big thing?

Mashable is a great place to start when searching for answers to questions like these.  It’s a great all-around social media resource for beginners and pros alike.  With a growing collection of articles on social networking, business, technology, and much more, you’ll find more information than you’ll have time to read at Mashable.

If you haven’t already, I also recommend you listen to Episode 5 of the EFII Podcast, where I speak with Jeff Fisher about Social Networking.

Thomas James

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