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Successful Art Rep Relationships – Case Study 3

January 20, 2010

(Illustration by Frank Hansen)

In response to requests from the EFII Community, I’ve been discussing the topic of artist representatives all week.  So far I’ve talked about things to consider when thinking about working with an art rep, how to find one, and how to be attractive to him or her.

To follow up on previous case studies of Penny Dullaghan’s and Holli Conger’s successful relationships with their art reps, I want to share another story submitted by Illustrator Jessica Hische:

Having a rep is absolutely essential to my sanity. When I first started out in the business, my rep, Frank Sturges, really helped me to get client work, but as I started to have more of a presence on the web and in the field and I was pulling in a lot of work from my own self-promotion, what I’ve really appreciated is never having to deal with the paperwork end of freelance work. It is wonderful to have someone to talk you through pricing and to handle contracts. So many times Frank has gotten higher prices for things when I probably would have caved at a much lower price. That alone makes having a rep worth it to me.

Frank makes sure that all of my contracts are perfect and fair to me and that I don’t accidentally give up usage rights in a way that I’m not being compensated for. He invoices all of the clients and tracks down payments so I don’t have to worry about hounding people for money and at the end of the year when I’m doing my taxes, I only have to worry about one 1099, the one between Frank and I, instead of waiting to receive tax information from fifty different clients. Having a rep is like having a book-keeper, a lawyer, and a project manager in one package. He’s always available to talk to about work, to help me stand up to clients when I feel like I’m being taken advantage of, and I feel like he definitely has my best interest in mind. He doesn’t push me to do jobs I’m uncomfortable with or push me to say yes to projects when my schedule is so tight I feel like I can’t breathe.

Thanks to Jessica Hische for sharing the story of her successful art rep relationship.  I’ll be posting more case studies like this one in the future, and applying this format to other topics as well.

Do you have a story about a positive art rep relationship?  Please share it in the comments section of this post.

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