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10 Steps to Powerful Online Self-Promotion for Creatives

March 10, 2010

Want to be better at marketing your creative business?

What follows is an interview with Alex Mathers, Illustrator and author of two wonderful Illustration blogs, Ape on the Moon and Red Lemon Club.  RLC is a site dedicated to helping freelancers and independent people learn to promote themselves.

Today, Alex is releasing a very intriguing new eBook called 10 Steps to Powerful Online Self-Promotion for Creatives, and I invited him to talk about this exciting new resource, and about why he is so passionate about the subject of promotion.

1.  Thanks for taking the time to talk to the EFII Community. Would you like to start by telling us about yourself and about Red Lemon Club?

I am an illustrator and designer living in London, UK at the moment. I studied geography at university, although I decided to return to my interest in art and design a while after completing the course and working in the property industry. I’m a fan of war films, obscure electronic music, writing, and contemporary design. I am currently running two sites. One is Red Lemon Club, a site for creative professionals aimed at sharing various methods and discussions on online self promotion. My other site, Ape on the Moon, is a blog showcasing the best in contemporary illustration styles and techniques, featuring a host of excellent illustrators. I also contribute to Design Taxi and am about to join the contributing team at productivity for creatives site: the 99%.

2.  What can creative professionals expect to find on Red Lemon Club?

Red Lemon Club was set up to focus my own efforts as an illustrator for researching the best online methods and theories behind effective and up to date self promotion, aimed specifically at creatives. I hadn’t seen anything like that when I was going about promoting my own work, so Red Lemon Club was the result of me scratching my own itch. The site was built to share what I found with the creative community, and I get a nice buzz doing so. Creative professionals will find a range of articles dealing with establishing an online brand, building an effective portfolio, the key ingredients to effective online promotion, driving traffic to sites, social media marketing, personal development and much more.

3.  On the RLC website, you describe yourself as a “marketing enthusiast”. What is it about marketing and promotion that inspires you?

My interest in marketing has grown since I began getting the word out about my own designs and illustrations. It was through seeing decent results from certain marketing activities which proved that by applying the right methods of promotion, especially using the power of the internet, we can experience the satisfaction that comes with success. Marketing is essentially a tool for not only getting clients and making sales, but in achieving success and the recognition we deserve. As such, I’m enthusiastic to learn about and share these tools.

4.  What are some of the easiest ways that creative professionals can improve their online marketing right now?

At the moment, one of the exciting things about the internet, is its ability to bring huge numbers of people who share the same interests or share the same goals, together into various online social networks. Even though the web is not physically tangible, people are being brought together through the links made via social media sites, blogs, creative communities and mailing lists. People are not only coming together, but they are connecting and they are engaging. It is through this highly connected online space that marketing for creative professionals is taking on a whole new method of delivery. So certainly social networks, when used in the right ways, are some of the best and easiest current self promotion methods.

Using the internet as a platform for sharing the work you do, your expertise, opinions and your passions in the form of blogs and micro-blogs is another easy way of increasing your online presence and improving your credibility as a creative professional and an expert as well.

My book will go into many more ways in much greater detail of generating exposure for yourself.

5.  You’re releasing what looks to be an exciting and useful new eBook today called 10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives. What can creative professionals hope to gain by reading it?

The book was written with the intention of dramatically improving the online self promotional effectiveness of all kinds of creative professionals. This includes being better prepared for self marketing even before you start marketing. The book is an in depth guide to not only gaining substantial online exposure, but in increasing the number, regularity and quality of clients, maintaining your promotional activity into the long term and, if you have products to sell, making more sales.

Thanks to Alex Mathers for sharing his thoughts with the EFII Community.

Check out his new eBook, 10 Steps to Powerful Self-Promotion for Creatives, for a more detailed look at the valuable lessons that Alex has learned from his experiences as a creative professional.  You can download it for just $27 USD until March 13th, 2010.  After that, the price goes up to $39 USD.

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