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Character Development Tutorial Series

March 23, 2010

Whether you want to learn more about the art of character design or just love to watch artists develop a project from concept to completion, you should definitely check out this Character Development Tutorial Series by concept artist Mark Molnar.

Using a combination of images, video, and commentary, Mark walks you through his process of creating a character from scratch.

Anyone can draw a character, but this tutorial does a great job of showing you how to loosen up, explore ideas, and develop concepts into finished artwork.

So far, the series consists of 4 parts, covering the basic steps of character design:

Part 1 – Thumbnail Sketches

Part 2 – Rough Sketches

Part 3 – Color Rough

Part 4 – Detailing

Part 5 – Further Detailing

Thanks to Mark Molnar for offering a peek into his personal approach to character design.

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