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How to Set Up an e-Commerce Site Using Paypal

May 5, 2010

Want to know how to sell prints, t-shirts, or other art products online?

Then check out this week’s Tutorial of the Week, called How to Set Up an E-Commerce Site Using Paypal to Process, by Jacqui Cheng at Ars Technica.

This useful post walks you through the steps involved in setting up a site where you can sell products and leave all the money-handling to Paypal’s secure service.  The tutorial covers such things as making the buttons and pages required to process payments and manage your inventory, and is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about selling merchandise online.

Read the full tutorial here.

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  1. January 19, 2011 9:59 AM

    Yessss!! Just what I needed!! Thanks a lot!

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