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Get Your Copy of ‘5 Qualities of a Successful Illustrator’

November 15, 2010

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a successful and sustainable career in the Illustration industry?

Part case-study, part ‘how-to’, part philosophy, and part inspiration, 5 Qualities of a Successful Illustrator examines 5 key traits possessed by top Illustrators and ways that an artist can make the most of them.

The 5 Qualities are:






Picking up where the critically-acclaimed ’15 Steps to Freelance Illustration’ left off, 5 Qualities of a Successful Illustrator goes beyond business theory to explore how achieving success isn’t as much about what you do, as who you are.

Presented in a concise and direct 42-page eBook and 40-minute Audiobook, 5 Qualities offers food for thought for both professional and aspiring Illustrators everywhere.

Better yet, because it’s a downloadable zip file, there’s no delivery charge and you’ll be able to download it immediately for only $6.95 USD!

Giveaway Winners!

Last week, 285 Illustrators entered to win a free copy, and I’m excited to announce the following 3 lucky winners:

Aileen Holmes

Tracy Bishop

Terry Biddle

Congratulations! I’ll be contacting the winners and sending their unique download links today!

Didn’t win?

That’s okay. You can still download your very own copy for only $6.95 USD here.

Available as BOTH Ebook and Audiobook!

By popular demand, I’ve decided to bundle both the eBook and Audiobook versions of 5 Qualities for the price of one! That way, you can read or listen to it whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with 5 Qualities of a Successful Illustrator, let me know and I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Download Your Copy Today

5 Qualities of a Successful Illustrator is ready for download right now for only $6.95 USD!  To secure your copy simply click the ‘Download It Now’ button below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can make your payment via PayPal or Credit Card and receive an email with your download link.


6 Comments leave one →
  1. November 15, 2010 2:12 AM

    Woot! I’m getting on board with this one early. :)

  2. November 15, 2010 3:23 AM

    Downloading now, can’t wait to get stuck into it. Congratulations on the release of the new book Thomas!

  3. tjlubrano permalink
    November 15, 2010 7:30 AM

    Woohoo! It just finished downloading ^_^. Congrats on the new book!

  4. November 15, 2010 9:27 AM

    WOOHOO! Can’t. Wait.

  5. November 15, 2010 12:38 PM

    Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy it.

  6. November 15, 2010 1:52 PM

    OMG Awesome! : )

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